Knuma Huddle making those early baby days easier

You may have seen a few months ago we did a first impressions post for the Knuma Huddle. We have now been using our Huddle for nearly a month and I’m so in love with it.

You may have seen that I had to have an emergency section again . So moving around was pretty painful in the early days. This meant bending over was pretty painful so thank god I didn’t have a Moses basket. The Huddle made those night feeds so much easier. I could simply unzip the side and Alby was within reach . No bending involved.

Sleep tight in the Huddle

We have also found unlike Ava , Alby likes to stretch out to sleep. Which in the Huddle he has plenty of space to do so. We have already said we reckon he will be in with us a lot longer . As the Huddle is a lot bigger than a Moses basket .

Plenty of space in the Knuma Huddle

We have had to wash both the sheets and the mattress cover a few times due to baby sick . I was worried that they may shrink and I would have to buy more . However they washed really well and still feel as nice as the day I got them out the packet . They also dry really quick which is handy. I have been able to wash them in a morning and put them back on before we go to bed

The storage compartment underneath has been really handy . With a dog and a toddler about I like to make sure things are tidied away so they don’t look too tempting to play with . So we put all nappy bits in a basket underneath ready for those nighttime nappy explosions. Boy I had forgotten how bad those early day nappies were !

Storage in the Knuma Huddle

Ava also loves to come into bed with us in the morning and see her little brother. The mesh sides means she can see him easily.

Knuma Huddle

We have only used the Huddle attached to the bed as it is pretty big to move around each day. As it is pretty big we have only been able to have it on one particular side of the bed . So if you thinking of sharing the night-time feeds and moving it. Do make sure you have the space . It is really easy to attach to the bed so it’s not a strenuous task to reattached each time.

I would definitely recommend this to any new parent it’s been a fantastic product for us. It’s made those early post section days so much easier and he seems to be sleeping pretty well . This may or may not be the Huddle but he does seem super comfy.

I cannot wait until we can use it as a desk and bench ! 2 products for the price of one got to be a winner right !

Want to know more about the Knuma Huddle then take a look at our first impressions post or head over to the Knuma website.

The Knuma Huddle is the co sleeper crib that makes those early days so much easier * We were sent the Knuma Huddle for free in return for an honest review. All opinions and pictures are my own*

*This post contains an affiliate link*

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