Skibz feeding bib review 

If you have ever weaned a baby then you will know what a messy affair it can be . So when skibz sent me one of their catcherz bibs to try I was so excited !! .

Skibz bib
The Catcherz bib came in a lovely blue colour with a poker dot design which is so cute . The Catcherz bib is made from high quality material and amazingly is firm and flexible at the same time . The plastic is also BPA free which is huge plus for me .

Whist working in nurserys we have used a different branded bib around the same idea as the Catcherz bib but i found that they didn’t last that long as the material would split , there is no chance of that happening with the Catcherz bib. Another fantastic design element to the Catcherz bib Is that it fastens on the side meaning no more hair pulling when trying to fasten it ( we sadly don’t have this issue at the moment , the hair is getting there ! ) .

Skibz feeding bib
The deep pocket on the bottom of the Catcherz is perfect for cathing all then spillages and dropped food . Unlike most bibs when using the Catherz bib your child’s clothing underneath will stay nice and clean and they won’t have a pile of food on their laps !! .

Skibz weaning bibs
I found the Catcherz bib really easy to clean making the clean up after meal times a lot quicker giving me more time to see to Ava.

I will defiantly be recomending this to family and friends and will also look to buying some more for when she goes to my parents house !.

The price of the bib shown above is £10.50 personally I think this is a good price as It looks like it will last forever !. You can purchase this bib and more products from their range from the skibz website 
Skibz feeding bib
The item shown above was sent to me for free in return for an honest review .

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