Our Weaning Journey so far with Ella’s Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago now we were very kindly sent some Ella’s kitchen pouches to try. It was really cute that the box came addressed to Ava as after all it was going to be for her to enjoy not me.( I have tried some of them not going to lie !). Inside the box was some green shredded paper which has been great for some sensory exploration.

So as soon as she was old enough for them I thought I would start introducing some of the different flavours to her . I had made sure that Ava was ready for weaning by talking to my health visitor who went though key indicators that suggest your little one is ready to wean and Ava showed all of them !!.

IMG_2558We were sent their tastey Veg pouches to try including the new addition of peas, peas,peas. Getting Ava to eat vegtables is a big goal of mine as I’m such a fussy eater and hate the fact I am. I don’t want her to be anything like me !!.These first taste pouches are fantasic for introducing these tastes at a young age ( making sure your little one is ready to wean, just because it says 4 months on them don’t feel abliged to start weaning at this age). The puree is super smooth though so if you decide to use it with little ones there is no worry about there being any lumps.

when speaking to a lot of my new mommy friends about Ella’s kitchen they loved them as they  don’t include any added sugars or salt. For example the Parsnips pouch contains 75% parsnip and 25% water !!. When I first thought about weaning I was all up for making my own food blending it all down but with these pouches being 100% organic and not containing any unnecessary things I will defiantly be using more of these.



Another thing which I found handy was that these pouches can be kept for 48 hours once opened which is amazing as when your little one is first trying food they only take a little bit at a time so saves a lot of wastage. Also did you know that Ella’s kitchen pouches can be frozen which is great to make lollypops for teething little ones to chomp on !.

We found these pouches were  great to add to baby rice making it taste really nice ( and yes I did try that too !, positive role model and all that ). We loved these pouches so much that we have gone out and got some of their fruit pouches range Banana is defiantly a winner in our house !.

FullSizeRender (3)

Since being sent the pouches to try I have also been onto the Ella’s kitchen website where you can be sent some more information about at what age to try certain foods. Also a really cute weaning wall chart to write down all the new milestones your little one will achieve and then you can keep it forever.  This and other information about weaning can be found at I have also downloaded a handy app from the App store called Ella’s kitchen first foods which I have found really useful.

You can purchase the pouches above from the Ella’s kitchen website, waitrose,boots,asda and I have also seen them in some small convenience shops . These pouches are priced around ¬£0.70p per pouch or they are available in multi packs.

we were sent the pouches above in return for an honest review.

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