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So Sand DIY satisfying studio review |AD

At the moment I’m always on the lookout for something new and exciting to entertain the kids . For my two if it’s a sensory activity it’s going to be a winner and one they will want to play again and again . Last week we were sent the So Sand DIY set . Which has been out nearly every day since we have had it and they haven’t got bored of it .

So Sand DIY

The So Sand DIY set comes with

  • Bags of sand with magic sand components
  • A variety of different tools you can use to cut and shape the sand.
  • The So Sand DIY satisfying magic sand studio.

How to make the sand

It’s so easy to make the sand and takes all of a few minutes. You start by opening the bags of sand and stretch it out. Then add the colour into the middle of the sand.

Making your So Sand

Then stretch and mix in the colour . I found it to be like kneading dough . Which is actually something I enjoy doing . Once the colour is all mixed in it’s time to add the glitter bits . Ava’s was thrilled by this bit as she’s loves glitter.

Adding glitter

Then mix all the glitter into the sand by kneading it like before . Then your done you can now explore all the different tools and cutting equipment that came with the set.

Using the cutter tool on the So Sand

Alby started by using using the cutting tool to slice through his sand . This product is aimed children 6 plus. With supervision thought both of mine were able to explore and enjoy all the different parts of it. The only thing they found hard was securing the cutter into the studio.

So Sand DIY set

However Ava really enjoyed this part. Seeing how the different cutters made marks in her sand. She was able to easily push the cutter down onto the sand.

You may have seen on the box it says 100% ASMR. If you don’t know what ASMR is it’s a calming feeling which can be accompanied by a tingling sensation. It is suggested that ASMR activities or practices lower the heart rate and calms the person taking part in the activity. There are different ASMR triggers but the sand in the So Sand set is a really common trigger. The texture and the easy manipulation of it make for a really enjoyable experience. Both of mine were so calm whilst playing with the set. They played with it for longer than they do with most activities I set up for them.

Our overall thoughts of the So Sand DIY satisfying studio

Overall I really liked the So Sand DIY set . The children played with it for ages which is a bonus. Plus when they are finished playing I liked the fact that it came with a tub I could put the sand in.

It came with a wide variety of different tools that they could use to cut, scoop and manipulate the sand with.

So sand exploration

The only thing I would of liked is if the studio could be deconstructed after use. As the sliding section on the top doesnt come back off . Which makes it a little bulky to store as it doesn’t fit back into the box.

You can get the So Sand DIY satisfying studio from all good toy stores for £24.99. It’s also available on Amazon.

If you want to see other products in the so range checkout our So Slime DIY and So Bomb DIY reviews. Both are fantastic sets. There are also other products in the So Sand family check out The Brick Castle review of the sand ball kit.

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